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obsessed with cnadles

i'm a movie fanatic. I love candles more than someone probably should. i'm a doctor who nerd. like i work comic con every year kind of nerd. i spend all my money on coffee, tech, and cute baby clothes. i'm obsessed with musicals and listen to them in the car more than any other genre. 

are you ready for this?

I'm a born and raise oklahoma girl living in colorado for the past eight years.  i love me some mountains and snow! that being said, i also love home. that slower oklahoma lifestyle will always play a part in who i am. i love my days being slow and calm. rain? snow? even better. 

Doctor Who Fanatic

i am a mother of 2 seriously cool girls (10 & 3 months) and wife to a guy who i think is pretty damn hot and who loves me well. he does stuff with math and working with his hands outside. we are complete opposites and it keeps me on my toes. not to mention that blank stare he gets when he's talking about his job because I literally have no idea what he's saying. i can barely do long division here, folks. anyway, my family is pretty damn great and my husband being my biggest cheerleader (hah, he's going to love that) is why I am where I am today...sitting inside with a blanket, coffee, and a candle while it snows outside. amen! (yes, i laugh at my own cheesy jokes and puns.)


really though, I can't believe i get to do what i do now. i don't feel like this is actually real. I feel like I'm getting paid to play and it just doesn't seem fair. i resigned from my position as a creative director to pursue this shindig and working with small business owners is my jam. i freaking love coming alongside an entrepreneur and building this brand that makes them so proud to share what they do with the world. 

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